Flange Spreaders and Flange Alignment Tools

The Equalizer Product Line

The Equalizer product line has grown significantly over the years, thanks to our continuing drive to introduce new technology – we are always looking for safer, easier ways to get the job done. The Equalizer line now consists of precise, time-saving modern day products including flange spreaders, flange alignment tools, and Secure Grip flange spreaders, as well as unique precision lifting tools and Hydraulic Hand Pumps.

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The Equalizer mechanical flange spreaders and   hydraulic flange spreaders are arguably the safest available – combining a revolutionary interlocking first step mechanism and deep step design for secure and simple flange spreading.   Equalizer's new universal flange spreade are the SECURE GRIP serie that use a unique patented expanding collet technology for safe flange spreading.


The Equalizer line of precise, labour-saving flange alignment tools will eliminate risks associated with traditional flange alignment practices. Simple, safe, modern solutions for linear or rotational misalignment of fixed flanges.


Designed to lift or lower objects in a straight vertical motion, our range of precision lifting tools will give a safe, secure hold when lifting heavy pieces of equipment. Using the Equalizer interlocking first step technology, the vertical lifting tool will lift an object in a smooth, stable movement from an access gap of only 0.37 inches.


The Equalizer range of hydraulic hand pumps has been designed with hazard reduction, safety and ease of use in mind. Major benefits are that Equalizer hydraulic hand pumps can be used in any orientation. The hand-held pumps have an air-free system and are an environmentally friendly solution.


The Equalizer FC10TE Flange Closing Tool is a simple light-weight hydraulic tool used to pull together flanges prior to the application of bolts.
We listen carefully to our customers and continually identify opportunities for new products. We offer tools that are used every day in a number of different industries – from oil to water, mining to petrochemicals, gas to nuclear. As our customers’ businesses change, so do their requirements, and we will continue to offer safe, time-saving solutions to meet the challenges of industry today – and tomorrow.

Customers buy our innovative flange spreaders, flange alignment tools, and other flange maintenance tools to get the job done safely, with improved productivity.