Superbolt Product Line

Superbolt manufactures patented Multi-Jackbolt Tensioners (MJTs) designed to eliminate unsafe and time consuming bolting methods. MJTs replace or retrofit existing nuts and bolts, and only require hand/air tools for the installation and/or removal of any size tensioner.

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Choose Your Product Group

Nut Style Tensioner
Superbolt Nut Style Tensioner
Bolt Style Tensioner
Superbolt Bolt Style Tensioner
Superbolt Studs
Through Hole Expansion Bolt
Superbolt Expansion Bolt
Jam Nuts
Superbolt Jam Nut
Mill Motor Nuts
Superbolt Mill Motor Nut
Flex Nuts
Superbolt Flex Nut
Thrust Collars
Thrust Collar
Superbolt Specials of all types

We listen carefully to our customers and continually identify opportunities for new products. Superbolt products are used every day throughout the world in a number of different industries – from oil to water, steel to automotive, mining to petrochemicals, gas to nuclear. As our customers’ businesses change, so do their requirements, and we will continue to work with you to develop safe, time-saving solutions that meet the challenges of industry today – and tomorrow.


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