SWi1214TM Mechanical Flange Spreader

The SWi1214TM Mechanical Flange spreader is capable of producing up to 14 tons of spreading force with only 130 ft/lbs of input torque.  The SWi1214TM requires an acess gap of .24 inches and has a spreading capacity of 1/4" to 4.1" when both step blocks are utilized. The SWi1214TM is a powerful mechanical flange spreading tool for use topside or subsea. This flange spreader is powerful, safe, easy to use and easy to maintain.

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SWi1214TM Flange Spreader

The New SWi1214TM Mechanical Flange Spreader is capable of generating up to 14 tons of spreading force.  Excellent spreader for all flanges with a .24 inch gap.


Improved Tool Capabilities

Like the SW series of Flange Spreaders the SWi1214 requires a minimum access gap of 0.24". However, the spreading force has been increased to 12 tons on the first step and 14 tons on the following steps compared to 9 tons with the SW9TM. This small light weigh tool is an ideal tool for use on all pipe flange jobs espically maintenance, turnarounds, and construction.

Enhanced User Features

The SWi1214TM has been ergonomically designed with enhanced user features. Weighing less than 14 lbs., a smaller foootprint, and other features make this tool easier to use.

Improved Safety Features

Safety is always important and safety has been designed into this flange separating tool. In addition to a fail-safe design the SWi1214TM flange spreader now includes a lanyard, another safety block, increased step depth on the upper steps, forged components, and no finger pinch points.

Improved maintenance features

The SWi1214TM flange spreader is now easier and less costly to maintain. Features include replacing only the wedge tip, not the complete wedge, narrower jaw teeth and quick jaw or tip replacement. Removing the wedge tip or the jaws is accomplished by removing one screw and then removing the part.
The Equalizer SW and SWi series flange spreaders feature an interlocking spreading wedge design that produce a force perpendicular to the flanges faces being separated. This design improvess safety by eliminateing the spreading wedges from being propelled from the flange being separated. In addition there is no damage to the flange face itself and spreading wedge failure is almost non existant. (See il.l below)
This interlocking first step design produces a smooth, parallel wedge movement perpendicular to the flange faces being separated. This design reduces wedge bending or having the wedge slip from the joint being separated. (See il. below)
Few moving parts insure durability and minimal tool maintenance. A special coating is applied to the flange jaws to reduce slippage.
No forces are created that would propell the spreading wedge from the flange like a typical hammered wedge. see il. 2

Equalizer's patented Flange Speader design that creates perpendicular forces to the flange being separated.

This drawing illustrates how forces are applied with the Equalizer spreading wedge. The downward force from the wedge is transmitted in a perpendicular motion to the flange faces Safe and easy to use.

il. 1

Hammered wedge creates an unsafe condition

This drawing illustrates how forces are applied with a standard wedge. The downward force from the wedge is transmitted in a angular motion to the flange faces. This produces a reverse force that trys to propell the wedge back out of the flange creating an unsafe . This type of wedge will also cause damage to flange face.


il. 2


The Equalizer SWi1214TM Mechanical Flange Spreader has a maximum spreading capacity of 4.07" with both stepped blocks attached.
The SW1214TM spreading wedge capacities from .025 to 4.1 inches

A problem may occur when using a SWi1214TM Flange Spreader on a flange with a large gap.  For example when removing a blind, valve, or thick gasket. The wedge may protrude far enough to hit the blind, valve,or other object as illustrated below.
SWi2025TI spreading wedge hitting a blind or a gasket  without the step blocks attached

The problem is easily solve by using the step blocks as illustrated below.
SWi2025TI spreading wedge hitting a blind or a gasket  proble solved with the step blocks attached
Customers buy flange spreader tools from us that are easy to use and get the job done safely, with improved productivity.

Some Unsafe practices

Using improper tools to separate Flanges.

Using an Equalizer flange spreader to separate Flanges.