SW9TM Mechanical Flange Spreader

Replace with the NEW SWi1214TM

The SW9TM Mechanical Flange Spreader is capable of generating 9 tons of spreading force.  Excellent spreader for all flanges with a .24 inch gap.

SW9TM Flange Spreader

The SW9TM is a powerful mechanical flange spreading tool for use topside or subsea. This flange spreader is safe, easy to use and maintain, and can generate up to 9 tons of separating force using simple hand tools

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Equalizer flange spreaders feature an interlocking first step design that produces a smooth, parallel wedge movement perpendicular to the flange faces being separated. This design reduces wedge bending or having the wedge slip from the joint being separated. (See il. below)
The SW9TM requires an access gap of 0.24 in. (6 mm) and is capable of producing a gap of up to 3.3" when using both step blocks. See Below,
A total of 9 tons of flange spreading force is available at every step including the very first step.
Few moving parts insure durability and minimal tool maintenance. A special coating is applied to the flange jaws to reduce slippage.
No forces are created that would propell the spreading wedge from the flange like a typical hammered wedge. see il. 2
A solid sliding wedge between flange speader jaws eliminates jaw breakage and the potential of flanges slaming togeather causing worker harm or equipment damage.

Equalizer's patented Flange Speader design that creates perpendicular forces to the flange being separated.

This drawing illustrates how forces are applied with the Equalizer spreading wedge. The downward force from the wedge is transmitted in a perpendicular motion to the flange faces Safe and easy to use.

il. 1
Hammered wedge creates an unsafe condition

This drawing illustrates how forces are applied with a standard wedge. The downward force from the wedge is transmitted in a angular motion to the flange faces. This produces a reverse force that trys to propell the wedge back out of the flange creating an unsafe . This type of wedge will also cause damage to flange face.


il. 2


Flange Spreader • 1 x SW9TM flange spreader wedgehead
• 1 x 150 ft/lbs Torque Wrench with 22 mm Socket
• 1 x Safety Block
• 1 x Instruction Manual



The SW9TM Flange Spreader can be used during
• commissioning • construction • routine maintenance • shutdowns/outages • testing • valve change-outs.

Special Features

• unique interlocking first step
• deep 15 mm secure hold on first step
• requires access gap of only 1/4" (6 mm)
• robust lightweight tool
• spreading force of 9 T (90 kN) from 150 ft/lbs (203 N/m) of torque
• automatic mechanical retraction

Operating Benefits

• secure hold on each step
• quick and easy operation
• saves time
• saves cost
• safe operation
• portable

Stepped Blocks - Purchased separately

• 2 x Stepped Blocks
• 2 x M6 x 10 mm Countersunk Screws
• 1 x 4 mm Hex Key
• Gross Kit Weight 1.5 kg (3.5 lbs)

The SW9TM is a small durable tool and an excellent choicce for use on most flanges with an acess gap of 0.24 inches.

The maximum spreading capacity is 3.3" with both stepped blocks attached

spreading wedge capacities

A problem may occur when using a SW9TM Flange Spreader on a flange with a large gap.  For example when removing a blind.  The wedge may protrude far enough to hit the blind or gasket as illustrated below.

SWi2025TI spreading wedge hitting a blind or a gasket  without the step blocks attached

The problem is easily solve by using the step blocks as illustrated below.

SWi2025TI spreading wedge hitting a blind or a gasket  proble solved with the step blocks attached

Customers buy flange spreader tools from us that are easy to use and get the job done safely, with improved productivity.