Superbolt Nut Style Tensioners

Select the Style You Need

"MT" Tensioners
MT Style Mechanical Tensioner
Superbolt MT Tensioners are used on general mechanical bolting applications. They can be used on high or medium strength bolts and studs and will fit in the same area as a heavy hex nut.
"CY" Style Tensioner CY Style Nut
Superbolt CY series tensioners are used for higher bolt loads on general machinery applications. They fit in the same area as a heavy hex nut. Higher strength alternative to MT Tensioner.
"MTSX" TensionersHigh Strength Tensioner
MTSX Torquenuts provide extremely high preloads on large bolts or studs. Relatively little jackbolt torque is required by using JL-M lubricant.
"SJ" JamnutsJam Nut Tensioner
SJ Jamnuts are used for applications where limited headroom and/or limited thread engagement are required.

Mill Motor Nuts Mill Motor Nut
SMX Mill Motor Nuts are used to replace standard mill motor armature nuts supplied by electric motor manufacturers. SMX tensioners are available for most standard motor frame sizes.
Bearing Lock Nuts
NI bearing lock nuts are directly interchangeable with standard AN and N series locknuts. Bearing locknuts are ideal for jacking bearings into place. They can also clamp entire shaft assemblies.
Armored NutsSuperbolt Armored Style Tensioners
Armored Torquenuts™ are used primarily for rough service environments. The jackbolts are recessed in the nut or bolt body protecting them from flying debris or rotating parts.
Cross Head Jamnut Crosshead Jamnut
Description: CN Crosshead Jamnuts are safe and easy to install/remove on compressor crossheads.

Piston End Nuts Piston End Nuts
These Multi-Jackbolt tensioners designed to properly attach compressor pistons to the piston rod. There is no need to clamp the piston rod when installing or removing
Flexnuts Flexnuts
Flexnuts are designed to flex within the bolt stress range common for most torquebolts. They are ideal for reducing stress concentrations and also for adding flexibility to gasketed joints.

H650 Hi Temp Nuts Piston End Nuts
These Multi-Jackbolt tensioners are used for medium temperature, pressure vessel applications on A193-B7 bolts and studs.
H650T Hi-Temp Tall Nuts Flexnuts
The H650T Multi-Jackbolt Tensioners replace "acorn" nuts and "castle" nuts and are intended for use where space is limited.