Mill Motor Nuts

Superbolt sj style mechanical tensioners used when limited headroom and thread engagement are required.
Superbolt Mill Motor Nuts are interchangeable with regular Mill Motor Nuts.  Designed to fasten brake drums, gears, pulleys, couplings, tachometers, etc. to mill motors.

All to often Mill Motor Nuts are in a location that makes it difficult to achieve the required preload using standard bolting procedures and unsafe practices are employed. Superbolt Mill Motor Nuts however, can create the desired preload using only hand held tools.

Selection Guide:

  • Standard Dimension range: 3/4" - 6" (M20-M160)
  • Specials avaiable for sizes over 6" (M160)
  • Approx. bolt stress depending on size: 450 to 700 N/mm2 (60 to 100 ksi)
  • Temperature range: 0 to 500ºF (-10 to 250ºC)
  • Surface treatment: optional