Superbolt Expansion Bolts

Superbolt sj style mechanical tensioners used when limited headroom and thread engagement are required.

This innovative Superbolt product replaces large fitted or interference fit bolts.

The Superbolt mechanical expansion bolt offers tremendous radial expansion and joint clamping power in one bolting system. Superbolt expansion bolts replace traditional interference or force fit bolts. The key is the split expansion sleeve that mates with machined holes. The split sleeve requires less tolerance than is traditionally required with an interference fit, saving critical machining time and money.

Types of Superbolt Expansion Bolts


Expansion bolt for through holes. Access and operation from both sides. ie.

Coupling Bolts


Expansion Bolts for Blind holes. Access and operation from one side. ie. Dowel Pins/Anchor Bolts


Expansion Bolts for threadless bores. Acess and operation from one side. ie. Anchor Bolts

Superbolt Expansion Bolts are use on critical applications such as large couplings and foundation anchors in numerous industries.

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