MG7TM Mechanical Flange Spreader

The MG7TM Flange Spreader achieves a spreading distance of 1-1/16” requiring a minimal gap of 5/64”.  At a ¼” gap the tool steps down the spreading force applied from 6.8 tons to 3.9 tons. The MG7TM Flange Spreader is an excellent choice for spreading small low pressure flanges

MG7TM MINI-GAP Flange Spreader

The MG7TM Flange Spreader offers a safe reliable method of separating flanges with up to 6.8 tons of spreading force. The MG7TM requires a very small acess gap of .08 inches and is an excellen tool for use on small low pressure flanges. The tool can be assembled in two different configurations to accomodate a wide varity of flanges.

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This portable, lightweight flange spreader is aimed at providing you with a cost-effective, general purpose tool for use in routine flange maintenance operations where a higher rated spreading force is not required. With the drop legs turned inward, as shown on the right in the below configuration, and using the small spreading bar (stored in the handle) the MG7TM cn be used to split flanges with bolt holes as small as 5/8'. Turning the drop legs outward and using the larger spreading bar will allow for spreading larger sized flanges. The maximum spreading distance is 1-1/16". The drawing below depicts the two configurations for the spreader. Refer to the instruction manual for complete information.
The MG7TM Flange Spreader can be configured to handle small and large size flanges.

The MG7TM Flange Spreader is often used on flanges that have a very small gap to create a gap sufficient enough to use a larger, more powerful flange spreader like the SW9TM, SW15TE, or the SW14.5TI or now the new SWi12/14TM, SWi20/25TE, and SWi20/25TI


The MG7TM Mini-Gap flange splitter is furnished complete with two spreading bars, one of which is stored in the handle, and an Instruction Manual


The MG7TM Mini-Gap Flange Splitter can be used during commissioning, construction, and routine maintenance.
The Special Features include reversible legs, requires access gap of only 2 mm, is robust and lightweight, capable of creating a spreading force of 6.8 T, and a double angled wedge. The MG7TM Flange Spreader is two tools in one so our customers can save money by buying one tool to cover a wide range of flange sizes in stead of buying multible tools.
Use the MG7TM in place of a banana wedge, hammered wedge, flange wedge, spreading wedge, or pry bar to promote a safer working environment and improve worker productivity.

Customers buy flange spreader tools from us that are easy to use and get the job done safely, with improved productivity.